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‘Stop Kavanaugh’ message projected on to Crowne Plaza in Midtown Atlanta

The Crowne Plaza in downtown Atlanta has not said whether or not it allowed the message to "Stop Kavanaugh" to be projected on the side of the Midtown hotel.

ATLANTA – A message of support for Christine Blasey Ford was broadcast on the side of the Crowne Plaza in downtown Atlanta Thursday night after a day of emotional testimony from Ford and the man she has accused of sexually assaulting her, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The metro Atlanta Chamber of the Democratic Socialists of America tweeted a short video and following message:

“We must commit to dismantling a culture of rape & misogyny, taking inspiration from the bold statements of Dr. Ford & others who confront their oppressors despite risks. #StopKavanaugh!”

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There is no word on if the Metro Atlanta DSA is responsible for the message or whether or not this was supported by the Crowne Plaza hotel.

The same group claimed responsibility for projecting a sign that said 'F--k Trump' on the side of a building in downtown earlier this year. They also projected the same message on a building in Atlanta in November 2016.

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