MILTON, Ga. -- Milton Police released the 911 calls placed from the home of NFL star LeSean McCoy, the day his ex-girlfriend was brutally beaten during a home invasion.

It's no secret that there's two separate stories about what happened on the morning of July 10.


Delicia Cordon was attacked at McCoy's Milton home on July 10. According to Milton Police, they found Cordon was physically assaulted by a lone intruder. Pictures of her injuries after the attack started circulating around social media Tuesday which inferred that the attack was all a plot created by the NFL player.

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Authorities are investigating, but have not said if McCoy is a suspect. He denied the allegations on social media.

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On Thursday, 11Alive received the 911 call the victim placed. The police department extracted the victim's name, address, and other personal information. You can hear the victim crying to the dispatcher, explaining what happened and telling her that her son is missing. She said her cousin was also at the home.

911 Operator: Tell me exactly what happened

Caller: Someone broke into my house ... [inaudible] ... and was looking for money and jewelry and my son is missing.

911 Operator: Is the person still in your house?

Caller: No they left. My son is missing

911 Operator: Ok give me just a moment... I'm' getting help going to you.

Caller: Oh my God!

After the operator dispatches units, she inquired about the attack. The victim explained that she is not sure or not if her son managed to escape.

911 Operator: Were weapons involved or mentioned ma'am?

Caller: Yes. A gun. I got hit in the face, like me and my cousin...Oh my God!

911 Operator: Alright. I'm getting units right there

The call goes on for nearly three and a half minutes before the phone call abruptly ends. The operator called back to get more information about what happened.

911 Operator: Are y'all bleeding from anywhere?

Caller: I'm bleeding everywhere.

Towards the end of the second call, the victim tells the operator who she thinks is behind the attack.

Caller: Ma'am I have cameras all over my house and my boyfriend, who I feel like who did this, who set me up, is gonna see us on the camera outside.... I really feel like... we're breaking up and he wants all of his jewelry back.

The operator stayed on the phone until the officers arrived.


This is not the first time that officers have been called to the home.

11Alive also obtained three past Milton Police incident reports, the first from July 3, 2017. The officer who responded to the home said he was dispatched in reference to a domestic dispute between Cordon and McCoy.

When the officer arrived at the scene, there was a pile of clothes outside and McCoy was the only one home

According to the report, McCoy said he and his girlfriend broke up and they had been having issues. He alleged Cordon following him to Las Vegas and accused him of cheating. He stated she had been posting on social media about the break-up and accusations.

He also mentioned that jewelers would often loan them items for events and he wanted them returned.

McCoy told police he was going through the eviction process to have Cordon removed from the home, the incident report said. It also said that neither party made any accusations about physical abuse.

While still on the scene, authorities said Cordon showed up. She was taken into custody that day for an active warrant from the Atlanta Police Department for failure to appear in court for a previous traffic charge.

getty mccoy_1531360446206.png.jpg
Running back LeSean McCoy #25 of the Buffalo Bills warms up before the start of the AFC Wild Card Playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on January 7, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Another incident report from April 11, 2018, said officers came to the Hickory Pass home around 1:50 a.m. Cordon and McCoy told police they had worked out their differences. The report said at no time did their argument become physical.

Cordon said the reason for call police was because McCoy was allegedly moving furniture out of the house that she wanted to keep. They agreed to leave the furniture in the home.

The third incident report shows that police were called to the home just last month. On June 1 around 9:50 a.m., Cordon saw people removing items from the home through a doorbell camera. She was out of town and told police that no one was supposed to be there.

When police arrived, they spoke with MCoy's mother, who was at the scene. She told police her son asked her to move his items out of the house so that he didn't have to deal with Cordon.

The officer told McCoy's mom that since the two shared the home, they would have to go to civil court to divide the items. The incident report said the officer spoke to McCoy over the phone about the situation. The movers placed all of the items back inside of the house.

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