ATLANTA – A 23-year-old woman was last seen at the airport MARTA station when she tried to swipe her card, but when she realized it didn't have any money on it, she walked out of range of the cameras and disappeared.

Since Feb. 4, police have been looking for Shanequa Sullivan who was last seen on 6000 N. Terminal Parkway around 3:36 p.m.

“I just want my baby back,” Sylesta Seabrum said. “I just want her home, and no one seems to want to help me.”

Seabrum doesn't understand how a place with so many security cameras could have lost track of her granddaughter.

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“APD says they're doing all they can, but are they, are they really,” she asked.

Atlanta Police said there's nothing new on the case but they're still actively looking for her. The 23-year-old has Autism, and Seabrum said the mental capacity of a 10-year-old.

“I believe if she could have come home, she would have come home,” Seabrum said. “She knows the way home.... I think she's being held against her will.”

She describes her granddaughter as trusting, loving, and sweet.

“I go to sleep thinking about her, I wake up thinking about her, I'm out in the street looking.”

The family has handed out thousands of flyers and asked everyone they can think of for help. But sadly, there have been no leads.

“I'm in a nightmare and I just can't deal with this no more.”

Sullivan was last seen wearing a black hoodie, black shoes, black pants and a burgundy smock. If anyone has information on her whereabouts they are asked to please contact Atlanta Police Adult Missing Persons Unit at 404-546-4235.