WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Police here are investigating the July 30 disappearance of a Woodstock woman.

Woodstock police say it's too soon to speculate if foul play was involved. But some family members say they are worried something has happened to her.  

Robin Annette Newton, 51, told her husband she was driving about 100 miles to Lake Hartwell to help a friend move. She drove off, and none of her friends or family have seen her since.

Charles Wayne Newton says he spoke to her by phone that night. Mrs. Newton cut the conversation short, saying her cell phone battery was dying. Then "the phone died. And I just figured she was up at her friend’s house," Charles Newton said.

Newton said his wife's phone went straight to voice mail the following day when he called. When he talked with the friend at the lake, she told Mr. Newton that Mrs. Newton had never made it to Lake Hartwell.

Now the question is where’s she been since then? Her cousin, Donna Moore said a planned disappearance would be completely out of her character.

 "In the beginning, I prayed she'd gone to the beach or she's done something out of the ordinary. People do that," Moore said. "But as time has gone on, it just doesn’t make any sense that this would happen and it would go on this long (9 days). I don’t want to think that, but as the days go on you can’t help but think something has happened to her."

Moore and Charles Newton say the family had financial issues but no marital problems.  

Woodstock police say they are investigating – including accessing her bank and cell phone records, which the family says has taken days to do.

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