HENRY COUNTY, Ga. -- A mom said she warned the school a fifth grader was dangerous before she attacked her first-grade daughter in the school's bathroom.

According to Cheryl Tackett, a fifth-grade student savagely attacked her first-grade daughter in the bathroom of Oakland Elementary School in Henry County. The attack sent 6-year-old Lanira to the emergency room with scratches, cuts and bruises. Her mom said she's still recovering and is afraid to go into bathrooms alone.

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"She was choking her, and banging her head viciously on the toilet, and covering her mouth,” Tackett said.

Before the attack, Tackett said the fifth-grade girl threatened Lanira on the bus and said she would beat her up.

She says it was a premeditated attack, and that the fifth grader knew exactly what she was doing.

The girl said she wanted to talk to my daughter,” Tackett said. “She pulled her into the bathroom and proceeded with the attack.”

When the first-grade teacher was finally able to get into the bathroom, Lanira was lying bloodied on the floor.

Photos after the attack

Tackett says she just wants her daughter to feel safe.

The school district says they are aware of the incident, and they are investigating it, but they would not be able to say much more, as the case is ongoing, and it involves two minors.

Tackett says the fifth grader was charged in juvenile court on Thursday for the attack.

Attacks in school bathrooms have been in the spotlight after a Delaware teen was killed in her school's bathroom. In April, a group of high school girls attacked 16-year-old Any Joyner-Francis in a bathroom at Howard High School in Wilmington.

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Three teens were charged in connection with the deadly assault. Investigators determined the fight was a planned confrontation but only one girl hit Amy. One of the girls was charged with criminally negligent homicide while the other two were charged with criminal conspiracy.