ATLANTA — It’s a video has nearly 4 million views on Facebook.

It shows a woman with severe hair loss. The woman behind the camera is Jasmine, more commonly known as Razor Chic.

“It was very, very important for me to post that video. The reason why it was so important for me to post that video [was] to kind of let the world know what exactly it is that I deal with,” she explained.

She posted the video a few years ago. Now, the Atlanta hair stylist is using similar videos, pictures and her more than two decades of experience to help women restore their hair.

“What I specialize in is nice haircuts and colors. Something just told me to just start showing the before pictures,” she said.

Her posts on both Instagram and Facebook chronicle the restoration of many of her clients.  It has helped her gain hundreds of thousands of followers.

“Hair has brought me so far [and] social media. I’ve been putting it down for so long, but social media just gave me so much more of a further reach,” Jasmine mentioned.

“The average female today has some type of challenges around their edges.  Around their crown and their temple. When I started showing the before and after pictures and would have slight cases of alopecia. The more and more I kept showing it people kept coming with bigger and bigger issues and I keep asking God how did my career get here because that’s not necessarily what I do, but it’s something I’m starting to be very known for,” she said.

Jasmine said her mission is to help teach women about their hair.

“These young girls are walking around now with heads of 80 and 90-year-old women because of all the things people are doing to themselves...doing to their hair. They are just trying to chase the trend. If you look at TV now what’s trendy is a face full of make-up and people have on full units. People are literally not themselves anymore,” Jasmine explained.

According to a CNBC report last year, the black hair care industry is valued at more than $2.5 billion.

“The average person that sits in my chair hasn’t worn their hair in 10, 15, 20 years, so when I do their hair after that long and turn them around to the mirror they’re just very, very emotional because they forgot what it feels like to be free,” she said.

She also tours across the country, which will begin again next week. She calls it her hair loss tour. It spans across several states.

She also said she is working on a new TV show.


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