LITHIA SPRINGS, Ga. — A family is mourning the loss of two relatives after a fire in Lithia Springs.

The mother of one of the victims spoke to 11Alive's LaTasha Givens about the tragedy.

Holli Walker's 10-year-old son Jermaude Earl, who goes by Trey, died in the fire.

"He was just an awesome kid, he was so smart," she said.

One of her other children, Mekhi was also trapped in the house during the fire. He and his grandmother managed to escape the flames. Mekhi tried to help save his brother.

"I tried to go through the smoke and get out but it was too thick, so me and Trey ran back upstairs," he said. "So I let go of his hands once we were upstairs getting some breath and I told him 'on three,' we have to go run outside. So I counted down and I ran and he ran down but I guess he didn't have the lung capacity to hold his breath."

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Mekhi tried to get help.

"When I was running to get the neighbors I heard him screaming, I think it was because the fire was in the halls."

Trey died from smoke inhalation. Trey's cousin, 28-year-old Stacia Williams also died in the fire. She was a hair stylist and makeup artist that went by Starr Bright.

Stacia Williams
Stacia Williams

According to the Dir. of Communications and Community Relations for the Douglas County Fire Department, Rick Martin, two firefighters were also injured in the fire and transported but are expected to be okay.

The fire started at 9:30 p.m. at a residence on the 500 block of Boulder Park Drive, according to Douglas Co. Fire dispatch.

Authorities believe the fire might have started in the basement and are still investigating the cause.

Since the beginning of this year, 41 Georgians have died in fires. Thirty-eight of them were fires that started inside of their homes.


Family told 11Alive they will hold a funeral for Trey Saturday, May 19 at 3 p.m. at Willie Watkins Funeral Home in Douglasville.

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