The Georgia Department of Revenue has denied the 2017 Fulton County Tax Digest submitted by Fulton Schools.

"The delay in property tax revenue puts our district in the difficult position of having to worry about how we will pay our 14,000 hardworking employees," said Board President Linda Bryant.

The Georgia Dept. of Revenue's rejection is a severe blow to the ability of Fulton County Schools to pay its bills in the coming weeks. The district calculates its budget based on 63% of the revenue coming from property taxes.

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"The situation is dire," said Robert Morales, chief financial officer for Fulton County Schools. "The district now has a cashflow problem. We are trying to determine how the district will operate without the anticipated tax revenue, and we may need to borrow money to make our payroll and pay our bills."

Fulton County Schools is seeking legal relief to this situation by joining Fulton County Government and Atlanta Public Schools in pursuing a Tax Collection Order (TCO).

Typically, Fulton County sends property tax bills in early August and money is collected in mid-October. Fulton County Schools is now at the end of October with no idea of when it will get money.