ATLANTA - Video released by Georgia Power on Monday shows the extent of damage caused by the fire that took out power to the world's busiest airport.

Thousands were stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Sunday after a fire took out electricity to two of the airport's power supplies.

Watch video of the damage:

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Georgia Power CEO Paul Bowers got a chance to speak with 11Alive to explain their next steps to possibly avoid anything like this from happening again at the world's busiest airport.

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According to Bowers, this sort of incident where both power sources to any building is knocked is very rare.

"We plan to ensure that we have reliability at the airport," Bowers said.

"Under this circumstance, with the failure of the switch gear, it actually took both sources out. The intense heat took the wire that's mounted on the walls out of service for us. So that's what we've been responding to. One is to understand what happened with that switch gear and then from there, make sure we get the service back at the airport."

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Georgia Power is considering several options to possibly prevent something like this from happening again. The damage inside the tunnel where the fire took place is still being investigated.

"Our focus is to ensure that they get back to normal," Bowers said.

In a statement released later Monday, Bowers again apologized for the outage and went into more detail about it. Bowers said the company's primary focus was to determine the cause of the fire to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

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