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Family grieves after mother and daughter killed in separate hit-and-runs

Brittany Flournoy's sister died in a hit and run Friday evening in DeKalb County. The suspect was arrested Tuesday. Her mother died in a separate incident in October

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — DeKalb County police made an arrest Tuesday in a hit-and-run that killed 31-year-old Jasmine Gaither Friday evening.

Police said Gaither was in a four-vehicle accident Friday on I-85 South near North Druid Hills, when the suspect lost control, crossed lanes, and hit Gaither. 

He then left the scene.

This grief is all too familiar to Gaither's younger sister, Brittany Fluornoy. Their mother died in October after being killed in a separate hit-and-run incident.

"For this to turn around and happen to my sister, it doesn't make any sense," Flournoy said.

She added that this suspect took a lot from their family, and from her sister.

"You hit somebody! You didn't just think you hit a car, you literally hit somebody and climbed out the window. You didn't even have enough respect for her at all or for what you did. So, I'm glad he's caught," Flournoy said.

Credit: Brittany Flournoy

Police said the driver was charged with homicide by vehicle, reckless driving, felony hit and run and suspended license.

The driver was arrested in another county and will be transported to DeKalb County soon.

"You could be out here living your life with your family and your child and she could’ve lived on with her life and celebrated her birthday. She could’ve met someone and had a child. This was all taken from her," Flournoy added.

This pain and grief, although familiar, is very painful for the five siblings. Gaither was the oldest of six. 

"The three head women of our immediate family: my mom, my grandma, and my older sister... they're gone," Flournoy said.

That's why she has a message to all drivers.

"If you're out with someone drinking - take their keys. There are plenty ridesharing options here. Take their keys," she urged. "You're saving someone, you're saving them. There are so many choices we can make. Don't choose to look the other way."

Gaither's family said she was creative, artistic, and family-oriented. She loved photography, music, and videography.

"She did touch a lot of people and she made a lot of differences," Flournoy added.

The family is trying to raise money to give Gaither a proper burial later this month. To donate, click here.