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Crews take down remainder of 'Johnny Reb' Confederate monument in Norfolk

Crews worked quickly to take down the column after removing the statue last week, and the pillars yesterday.

NORFOLK, Va. — It has stood in Norfolk for more than 100 years, and on a quiet Sunday around 7 a.m. crews removed the rest of the "Johhny Reb" Confederate monument.

The streets were empty early in the morning, so not many people witnessed the event. But there were a handful of bystanders who fell on both sides of the issue.

"I think they should take it down, grind it up and throw it over there in the Elizabeth River," Tony Jones said.

A Norfolk-native, Jones said the monument has no place in present times.

"I grew up here in Norfolk and I moved to Philadelphia," Jones said. "Just to see a change and feel a difference coming from North to South and I think it's a shame that it took something like George Floyds' death to actually make a difference."

Another Norfolk native, Blaine Madison said he doesn't think it should have been removed, but he understands why.

"I think it should stay only for historical purposes but I do understand those that want to take it down," Madison said.

"I heard they're going to put it in a cemetery. I think that's a more fitting place for it to go."

For years, the city had been working on moving the monument.

"If you want to take it down, take it down," Madison said. 

"But put it somewhere and remember it's still a part of our history. It's still a part of where we all came from."

Norfolk's mayor, Kenny Alexander has said "Johnny Reb" will be put in storage.

Credit: Madison Kimbro / 13News Now

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