A 54-year-old school bus monitor was arrested after an incident on a school bus in Clarke County on Thursday.

According to a police report, the monitor, identified as Holly Lynn Sewell, of Athens, "reacted to student behavior in a verbally and physically aggressive manner" during an incident on board a bus.

Geoff Gilland with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department said there were two separate incidents on board the bus. 

The two incidents occurred one after the other at the front and rear of the bus against two separate students," Gilland said. "In both instances, the monitor grabbed the children and held them down and was verbally abusive."

Officials learned of the incident when a student told his parents and school administrators. School officials asked the Athens-Clarke County Police to assist.

"After reviewing the video, it was determined that further investigation was needed, so we called in the ACCPD," said Clarke County School District spokesperson Mary Wickwire.  "We often work collaboratively with ACCPD because they have specialized investigative units."

Sewell has been charged with two counts of simple battery, one for each of two children she is accused of accosting. She was arrested Thursday evening and transported to the Clarke County Jail. 

She was also officially terminated from her position by the Clarke County School District.