ATLANTA — There wasn't a Peach Drop, but there were other activities around metro Atlanta held to close out the decade and ring in the new year.

One of those events was in East Atlanta Village for the NYEAV 2020 Rooster Drop and Fireworks.

The Rooster Drop had a little something for everyone - kids and adults.

"When I was growing up, we only had to stay up until the Times Square ball dropped and it’s all we had so it’s nice to get out and do something with the kids," said Sean Casey.

"It’s you know the biggest party night of the year and once you have kids you sort of reimagine that," Sarah Woodward told 11Alive.

Many gathered to enjoy good music, food, and fireworks. 

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The first round of fireworks happened a little before 8:30 p.m.

"It’s relaxed in a way but the fun we like, we like the fireworks," Melany Liy said. "It doesn’t matter what city we’re in, we love the fireworks."

Organizers were concerned about the crowds possibly getting too big because it's the only public "ball drop" in Atlanta for this year. 

Police were present at the event, working to keep everyone safe. 


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