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LGBT youth at higher risk for human trafficking, study says

The Atlanta Youth Count, released Wednesday, was a follow up to a 2015 study to specifically address sex and labor trafficking among Atlanta's homeless youth.

ATLANTA — A Georgia State University study found that LGBT youth in Atlanta are at greater risk of human trafficking than their straight counterparts.

Georgia State University released this data Wednesday from their findings as a part of the Atlanta Youth Count which is a study that examines the prevalence of sex and labor trafficking among youth ages 14-25 experiencing homelessness in the Metro-Atlanta area.

The anonymous survey collected basic information about the demographic background and history of homelessness, among other factors.

This survey found that there are more than 3,000 youth experiencing homelessness, and nearly a quarter of those youth surveyed identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual. They have a significantly higher risk of experiencing human trafficking than their straight peers.

The 2018 study found that nearly 44 percent of LGBT youth experience trafficking in comparison to 35 percent of their straight peers while homeless.

Over the course of a lifetime, 61 percent of LGBT youth experience trafficking, as compared to 51 percent of their straight peers.

The Atlanta Youth Count also found more than 70 percent of transgender youth experienced trafficking while homeless.

"Everyone has a gender identity and a sexual orientation," the CDC says. "A person's gender identity does not determine their sexual orientation. Transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or none of the above. 

“The intersection of homelessness with adverse trauma, experiences of system involvement, LGBT status, and chronic homelessness are major risk factors for youth to experience sex and labor traffic,” according to the study.


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