ATLANTA — It’s 91 degrees at the EAV Farmer’s Market as yoga instructor, Audrey Cash sets up for class, but you’d wouldn’t know it. A persistent and very welcome breeze whips through the green space that serves as the classroom for the first outdoor session of her Damn, It’s Hot (Yoga) classes. The students stake their territory amongst the dozen or so multicolored mats laid out on a nearby patch of market lawn. Patrons of the Farmer’s Market look on with curiosity as she begins her opening stretches.

Cash is the owner of Level3 Yoga in East Atlanta Village which she has labeled as ‘Atlanta’s Home for Hip-Hop & Trap Yoga.’ Her studio has only been opened since June 1st but she says that business is doing well.

“A lot of people think that they ‘go do yoga’ right? I ‘go-to’ the yoga studio,” says Cash, “I really do want people to start to take the things we do in class and really infuse it in their everyday lives.”

Level3 Yoga class at EAV Farmer’s Market
Level3 Yoga class at EAV Farmer’s Market

It was her idea to get the best of both worlds by engaging the community with a free of charge, wallless, roofless and most importantly, mirror-less environment to sample her routine. The East Atlanta Community Association (EACA) partnered with Cash to help cross-promote the market and her studio. 

Level3 Yoga class at EAV Farmer’s Market
Level3 Yoga class at EAV Farmer’s Market

“Still very much trying to get involved in the community,” said Cash “This felt like a really good way to come and show our support for the Farmer’s Market. We hope to keep that really good partnership going.”

For more information about Audrey Cash and Level3 Yoga, visit her website. Also, for more information East Atlanta community events, visit their website


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