ATLANTA — A farmer's market can feed a neighborhood, and a farmer's market can bring a neighborhood closer together.

The East Atlanta Village market is one of the Farmer’s Markets run by the Community Farmer’s Market organization, other areas include Decatur, Grant Park & Ponce City. The local market in East Atlanta Village is the oldest of the bunch.

“If you know this neighborhood, it’s kind of laid back.  It’s a ‘We want to be around each other’ kind of neighborhood,” said Aja Embry.

Embry, market manager of East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market, is a native of Decatur but likes to call the close-knit, eccentric neighborhood her home.

“I’ve run farmer’s markets for three years now, so when I heard that this job was available, I jumped at the chance to run one of my favorite markets,” said Embry. 

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Located in the heart of the Village, the outdoor market features a vast array of vendors, most of whom live or have lived right in the neighborhood. Held every Thursday, the market has become of a keystone of community engagement offering far more than just fresh produce. 

EAV Farmer's Market manager, Aja Embry
EAV Farmer's Market manager, Aja Embry

Regarding community involvement, Embry had this to say, “We’re getting the word out. We’re letting folks know what is available. So, I really feel like the market being here is really helping us get that work done.”

To get more information about the East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market and its sister markets, visit the Community Farmer’s Market website.


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