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For years, he's loved to run. Now, EAV man's idea helps pets get in on the fun

Ruff Runners offers running workouts for pet-owners - and their four-legged buddies.

ATLANTA — When Jordan Ryan relocated to Atlanta in 2014, he was already an animal lover and an avid runner. Little did he know that, a few years later, those two passions would collide in the most unexpected way.

Falling right into step with local running groups, Ryan eventually became inspired to create his own neighborhood running group, RUN EAV. This group hosted several weekly community runs and other more service-oriented projects.

Before too long, Ryan noticed that several members of the running group started bringing their dogs along for the runs. It was there that the concept that would become Ruff Runners began to take its first steps.

Beginning with offering free runs to foster dogs, Ruff Runners officially ‘launched’ during 2018’s Dogtoberfest in East Atlanta Village. 

The dog running service offers flexible running workouts. Since starting in 2018, Ryan has even hired a few employees as dog runners.

For more information about Ruff Runners, visit their website.

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