EAST COBB, Ga. — On Thursday, one volunteer from each school in the Cobb School District was recognized for going above and beyond.

“113 volunteers are being recognized today,” Felicia Wagner, executive director of the Cobb Schools Foundation, said. “We wish we could have more recognition for more volunteers because we have thousands of volunteers throughout the school district, but one gets selected every year and we recognize them at this luncheon.”

Lori Bartik, a longtime volunteer at Lassiter High School, was among the volunteers being honored.

“I volunteer at many different things,” she said. “I work in the front office at the school. I was the treasurer for the swim booster club, and I'm also on the PTA.”

Bartik said she was surprised when she received an email congratulating her as a 2020 Volunteer of the Year.

Volunteers from Cobb School District honored at banquet

“It's an honor,” she said. “For all the times that I've spent over the years volunteering in the schools, it's kind of nice to be recognized for that. There's many volunteers throughout the school, so it is very nice to be chosen.”

Darrell Young, a volunteer at Sope Creek Elementary School, was also recognized for his ongoing efforts in the district.

“I've been volunteering for many years,” he said. “I volunteer because I love working with younger people. I had the opportunity to teach, for the first time, 5th graders in the subject of leadership, and I learned very much during that period of time. Hopefully, they did too.”

“The volunteers are very humble. None of them want the recognition, but they deserve this and way more,” Wagner said. “We could not function without volunteers, and we would not want to, because they make our jobs fun and more enjoyable, and our students definitely are beneficiaries of their time and their talent that they share with us every single day.”

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