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Center helps prevent homelessness before it starts

Zion Hill gives support to people who are working but getting over their heads.

Zion Hill Community Development Corporation is well known for helping the homeless.

They provide relocation assistance and other resources for those who are displaced.

However, some may not realize, they also give support to people who are struggling; but haven’t yet reached the crisis of not having a home.

Tosha Settles said at one time, she was straining to stay afloat.

"I was employed, but the employment was light. It was part-time work. But my ends just weren't being met. I wasn't able to bring everything together," she explained.

The center located on Bayard Street in East Point, provides clothes, rental assistance, food and other essentials for those falling on hard times.

Executive Director, Dawn Price, told My East Point News many of their clients are employed or recently lost their jobs, but simply don't have the resources to make ends meet.

"Their family members are also in need. They just don't have as many avenues to get themselves back on track," said Price.

Settles is now gainfully employed and a counselor at Zion Hill CDC. She's able to give advice to others who are in the tough spot she was once in.

She said, "Just take take time to evaluate your situation. See what it is that you have to do. Narrow things down that are important, and that comes first. And just start chipping away at that rock however you can. Piece by piece, bit by bit."

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