Reported cases of the Flu are increasing in Georgia and several other states according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control.

“We had 15 patients in just one day a few weeks ago,” said Dr. Cheryl Kendall of We Care Pediatrics.

Dr. Kendall said as the temperature drops, her office and others tend to see a rise in flu cases.

“My suggestion is if you are noticing high fever, coughing a lot you see a doctor immediately,” advised Dr. Kendall.

If a patient is seen within 48 hours of displaying flu symptoms, a doctor can prescribe the medication Tamiflu, which is usually a successful remedy according to Dr. Kendall. However, after that time frame, the patient is left to treat the symptoms without the prescription.

The best defense against the flu is the offense method said Dr. Kendall. 

“The flu shot will definitely help prevent you from getting the flu. Or even if you do get the flu, you won’t have the full-blown flu,” Dr. Kendall explained.

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