EAST POINT, Ga. — A man was killed Wednesday riding an e-scooter in East Point, marking the fourth death in the metro Atlanta area involving this type of transportation. 

Police say the unidentified man was struck by a truck when he went through a red light at around 6:20 a.m on Aug. 6.

The driver of the truck was traveling westbound on Norman Berry Drive and Semmes Street with a solid green light. He told police all north and southbound traffic was stopped. 

He said as he traveled through the intersection, a male wearing all black drove the electric scooter southbound through the intersection. 

In a police report obtained by 11Alive, the truck driver said he swerved his vehicle "in an attempt to keep from striking the male," but hit him on the passenger side of the truck.

The scooter rider was transported to Grady Hospital where he later died. 

The truck driver is not being charged in the incident.

The scooters, along with other shareable transportation providers such as Lime and Bird, have come under increased scrutiny in recent months due to three previous fatalities. 

The three prior deaths were in the city of Atlanta. 


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