EAST POINT, Ga. — Ashely Murray uses unconventional methods such as positive affirmations to help her students learn.

“She teaches us all kinds of things I’ve never done in class,” said 3rd grader Jeno Gaston.

Murray says she’ll try whatever it takes to help students prepare for what’s probably the biggest test they’ve ever taken: the Georgia Milestones.

“I started noticing that some students were having problems grasping the information. I decided to start taking time out at the library to tutor students outside of class,” said Murray.

Stakes are high with the statewide standardized test.

It’s given to students from 3rd grade through high school, and could determine if they proceed to the next grade. Many parents say the weight of the tests can be stressful.

“There’s so much pressure to pass. I feel much better now that my daughter is getting some extra help,” Jarmon Gray said.

After years of positive feedback from students and parents, more started to learn about Ms. Murray’s classes.

Earlier this year, East Point Department of Parks and Recreation decided to partner with Murray and provide a 12- week- course.

The City will provide Ms. Murray’s course again this fall. 

However she continues to tutor privately all year. 

Her website is www.differentiatingminds.com

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