Deadra Lester packed up gifts from a very special Santa.

“This will mean a lot to my kids. They’re going to really appreciate it,” she said.

Lester’s children's father is incarcerated right now. But he was still able to give them Christmas gifts thanks to the program “Dads, Daughters, Dolls and Sons.”

More than 108 inmates wrote letters and participated in the program started by Fulton County District 5 Commissioner Marvin Arrington six years ago.

“It was actually a client of mine who thought of the idea many years ago,” said Arrington.

Arrington works with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department to find inmates that would like to participate. The inmates write letters to their children, inviting them to his annual event. Volunteers help wrap the gifts, then the children select toys, dolls and other items.

 “Just because the parent may deserve to be punished, that doesn’t mean their children should be too,” Arrington explained. “All children deserve to know that they are loved and experience the joy of receiving gifts during the holidays.”

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