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Georgia state politician visits East Point charter school

State House Representative David Dreyer stopped by for a tour of the RISE Schools.

EAST POINT, Ga. — The distinguished gentleman from District 59, David Dreyer, was treated to a guided tour of the RISE Schools yesterday. The charter school, formally known as the Latin Academy, is located in the Meadow Lark Estates neighborhood of East Point. 

The tour is a part of an annual tradition of Georgia politicians visiting state charter schools to get a first-hand look at the daily goings-on of a charter school environment.

Charter schools, while free and open to the public, are not owned by the government therefore not eligible to the same level of funds that a public school may have. These annual tours were designed to help keep legislators who work closely with state funding for education, up to date on the status of things and how they can be supportive.

Credit: Rep. Dreyer tours the RISE Schools with Superintendent, Davion Lewis

“It helps me so much to hear from kids firsthand. To hear what kids think (is) important,” Rep. Dreyer told My East Point News, “Today I heard about gun safety, environmental justice, social justice issues. Kids are great because they have a way of putting things in a simple way that just shows their priorities.”

Rep. Dreyer took a tour of the entire campus, which encompasses both an elementary and a middle school. Both staff and scholars escorted him through a wide variety of classes and learning environments including their newly renovated gymnasium and a mock debate.

Superintendent of the RISE Schools, Davion Lewis, had this to share.

“Knowing that Representative Dreyer is someone who is going to help advocate for that, is very near and endearing to me. That’s just what we need from, not just Representative Dreyer, but from all of his colleagues at the State Capitol. Making sure that we’re getting equitable funding so we can serve our students.”

Rep. Dreyer spent nearly two hours at the school and even spent time in a Q&A with select scholars before leaving. Dreyer is currently the incumbent for District 59 and will be up for re-election in 2021.

For more information about the RISE Schools, visit their website.

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