EAST POINT, Ga. — The staff at the RISE Schools have their work cut out for them but not for the reason you may think. Within the first year of an essential rebranding, the tarnish left from the institution's former leader has all but vanished. 

"Our mission is prepare our scholars for college, a career and life in the 21st century," states new executive director and superintendent, Davion Lewis.

The halls of the RISE Grammar and Prep Schools, formerly the Latin Academy, are filled with smiling faces and dutiful instructors. However, challenges still remain. 

“A lot of our scholars may not see, a positive male figure all day long, if not for school,” laments RISE Grammar School Principal Greene, "and it's important for us to be those adults that we want them to be in the future."

RISE is an acronym that stands for Reaching Innovative Solutions in Education and it's a creed that the leaders take very much to heart.

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