COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — The morning of Friday, September 20 was an unseasonably brisk 68 degrees as students poured out of the row of school buses lined up near the side entrance. As they entered the building, they were met with a squad of imposing high schoolers decked out in football jerseys. Curiosity quickly turned to excitement as the students were treated to baskets full of gifts ranging from pencils, stickers, rulers and more. 

The Westlake Varsity Lions paid a special visit to Stonewall Tell Elementary in College Park, the very elementary school that many of the players themselves went to as children. Coach Bobby Way told 11Alive that the gesture was a way of showing the younger students what they could grow up to be.

Several members of the faculty snapped pictures and posed for selfies as they caught up their old students. The Westlake Lions will be playing the Grayson Rams this evening at 7:30 pm in Loganville.  It is 11Alive's #Team11 Game of the Week.

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