EAST POINT, Ga. — Artist Spotlight, an educational media company strives to help local residents and children who have interest in film, learn more about the industry.

Throughout the years, Atlanta has affectionately become the ‘Hollywood of the South,’ and with good reason. Roughly 10 years ago, the Peach State began to offer second-to-none tax incentives. The move enticed major film and TV programs to bring their productions to Georgia. With productions popping up all throughout Metro Atlanta, many native residents got the bug to learn more about

That's where the Atlanta based company, Artist Spotlight comes into play. Founded by Morris "Mo'Betta" Lucas, it was designed to equip up-and-coming creatives with the necessary skills in all facets of the industry.

“We’ll get them excited in an industry that is different from music. It’s different from athletics. And it’s something that they can do even without a college degree,” says College Park Councilmember Ambrose Clay who worked very closely with the Artist Spotlight to get the camp established in the Tri-Cities area.

Media company shines their ‘Spotlight’ on Tri-Cities
Film & TV Summer Camp

Lucas along with his program coordinator, Monique Younger, decided to package their training program into the Artist Spotlight KIDS Film & TV Summer Camp. 

The program originally started in Gwinnett County and even has a presence in DeKalb but Younger and Lucas felt that the East Point could use a touch of filmmaking love as well. The weekly courses provide students with the tools and training to transform them from consumers of content to producers of their own content.

“I live on the south side of town. There’s not a lot of quality programs for summer camps down here,” laments Younger, “and so I’m always looking for something. I know that other parents will be looking for something too.”

Their goal is to ensure that young people from underserved communities have the same opportunities and benefits from the Film & TV boom as others. The Film & TV Production camp is designed for students aged 8-14 years old. For more information about Artist Spotlight and the Kids Film & TV Summer Camp, visit their website.

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