EAST POINT, Ga. — Weeks ago, many on Headland Drive told My East Point News they were frustrated by MARTA buses going too fast on their street.

“I know it sounds crazy, but when the buses speed it shakes our homes, knocks off pictures, it’s unbelievable,” said Minister J.H. Hall.

On April 8, My East Point News spoke to MARTA representatives, who insisted the issue would be resolved, and said representatives would speak with Hall and others.

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However, Hall says nothing has happened.

“I haven’t heard from any MARTA officials. Some of them, [buses] have slowed down, but some of them are still running fast,” said Hall.

This afternoon, MARTA officials said they cannot confirm whether or not representatives have reached out to Hall or other residents on Headland Drive.

However, officials say they have informed drivers along the Headland Drive route to slow down and will continue to monitor the situation continuously.

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