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Vintage antique shop relocates to East Point after nearly 40 years on the Northside

$200 and nearly 40 years after going into the antiques, Bruce Cusmano turned Metropolitan Artifacts in a full-fledged legacy business.

EAST POINT, Ga. — Whether or not you know, Tri-Cities, one of the country’s largest vintage architectural dealers has just moved into your backyard.

Founded and run by the Cusmano family for 40 years on the Northside of metro Atlanta, the internationally-known antique dealer has just relocated to the beautiful city of East Point.

From gorgeous French entry doors, wrought iron balconies to imposing stone and bronze statuary to the red British phone booths that can be seen on outside the still-transitioning shop on Church Street, the Cusmanos have curated a renowned collection that has piqued the interest of the most scrutinizing collector to Tyler Perry, himself.

From the whimsical to the sublime.

Credit: Holly Renfro Keyes

“We're here today to make the transition to the younger generation, which is Laura, my daughter, and my son, who understand the business, and appreciate the business,” affirms Cusmano.

“It's their world, walking into now and they need to carry this on to the next to the next level.”

Also known as a steady and reliable source for set dressers and prop masters with bona fides that stretch as far back in Georgia-based film and television production to ‘In the Heat of the Night’ all the way up to ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’

The more film-savvy residents might even recognize their new location as the surrogate for recording studio scenes from the new Aretha Franklin movie ‘Respect’ scheduled to be released this fall in theatres.

Credit: There is a veritable pantheon of statuary amongst the collection at Metropolitan Artifacts

Enter Laura Nay, Founder of La Residence, an Atlanta-based interior designer and seasoned antique dealer who fell in love with the incredible business and had the savvy to recognize an amazing opportunity.

“It was really serendipitous. Julie was helping her father downsize getting ready to move the inventory down here to East Point,” muses Nay.

“Showing people how to use these items to give new life, character, and a story for their home. So their home can be collect and curated and not just staged.”

As the Cusmanos transition to retirement, the whole family is mentoring Nay as she prepares to take over the colossal curation of vintage architectural inventory.

While maintaining exactly what Metropolitan Artifacts has done so well, the transition to La Residence is introducing the inventory to a much larger audience who want sustainability, character, and provenance for their homes.

For more information about Tri-Cites’ new vintage architectural dealer, visit their website and for those looking to catch a glimpse of their new facilities, you may contact Bruce Cusmano directly at 404-434-8606.

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