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After school program teaches students about the entertainment industry

25 Mountain View High school students are learning how to be in front and behind the camera.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Mountain View High School Assistant Principal Valerie Lewis noticed there was a need for her students. 

"We noticed that Metro Atlanta is booming in the entertainment industry. We said wouldn't it be neat to offer something as an extension to the classroom," Lewis said. 

In partnership Apple Seed Enterprises, Dash Digital Agency and the Ryan Kilgore music foundation they created the Pro's In Training program, otherwise known as the P.I.T. 

Each week students get to learn straight from the pro's themselves.

This week the 25 students learned from husband and wife team, Regis and Kahran Bethencourt of Creative Soul Photography. 

The duo is known for their Afro-Art featuring girls typically from six to 11-years-old.

"Our goal is really to inspire kids around the world to be more self-confident and to love themselves," Kahran Bethencourt said.

Mountain View Sophmore Briana Mc Clenton, who dabbles in photography was amazed by all the work that goes into being a professional photographer.

"I knew how much it took, but hearing it first hand gives you a whole new prospective on it," Mc Clenton said.

She joined the P.I.T. program so she would be able to get a leg up as  a screen writer before she heads off to college.

"With P.I.T., I get more experience in it, so I'll be more prepared," Mc Clenton said. 

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