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DragonCon founder arrested again for an alleged sex offense

Ed Kramer, DragonCon co-founder, is accused of taking photos of a child at a doctor's office.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Edward Kramer, the co-founder of DragonCon, has been arrested again on allegations of taking photos of a child in Lawrenceville without the parent’s consent.

On February 21, 2019, the Gwinnett County Police were called to Gwinnett Pulmonary Group in Lawrenceville after employees stated that they observed Kramer taking photos of a 7-year-old child in the waiting room on his cellphone. 

While he was checking out, witnesses say Kramer sat so he could look back into the waiting room where the child was sitting. After he checked out, employees said he lingered for 10 minutes.

Then two employees of the facility noticed a flash from Kramer’s cellphone. When they caught his eye, they said he acted as though he was taking a call on the phone. But one of the employees said she saw him track the victim’s movements with his phone as the child moved around the lobby.

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Employees called the Gwinnett County Sex Offender Unit who instructed her to contact the local police department. Although Kramer is no longer under court-mandated house arrest, data pulled from his ankle bracelet confirmed that he had only been at the location for around 12 minutes. Kramer is currently in custody awaiting charges.

Labeled as a "sexually dangerous predator", Kramer has been previously convicted in 2013 of three counts of child molestation from 2000. He was sentenced to 20 years, the first five under house arrest after pleading guilty. The house arrest was appointed in lieu of jail time due to Kramer’s health conditions after lengthy legal battles.

DragonCon, the Atlanta-based sci-fi and fantasy convention was co-founded by Kramer over thirty years ago and is one of the largest fan conventions in the country. However, he has not been involved with the event since the original molestation charges. His ownership was bought out in 2013.

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