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Getting fit in 2019: Quick tips

Some quick tips for sticking to fitness goals.

Millions of people are kicking off 2019 with a fitness resolution in mind.

Last year Marnie Taylor made it her mission to get in shape in 2018.

Talyor went to Burn Boot Camp in Lawrenceville and met Karen Brown. Brown - who has been a fitness trainer for about 20 years - worked with Taylor on her diet and fitness routines.

Some of Brown's fitness tips are simple to incorporate into your own routine to help you be successful in your fitness goals.

1. Stretch

"The whole purpose of it is to elongate those muscles, elongate those tendons, elongate those legitimates. So they have that flexibility and elasticity," Brown said.

2. Build yourself Up

"You're going to set yourself into the standards of, 'I am going to start here and I am in a building block up (phase).' And when you're building-block up, you don't go through the injury process," Brown said.

3. Find a buddy

"Sometimes it's hard to come in with a personal trainer. But if they come in with their friends they have accountability," Brown said.

Brown also mention that diet is key. She suggest that you should include 100 grams of protein and a gallon of water in your diet. 

She added that when working with a trainer let them know of all your injuries, so they know where to start you.

But most importantly Brown says it's important to stick with it.