LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — President and CEO of Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce Dr. Daniel Kaufman will be retire from his position at the end of June. 

Dr. Kaufman took on the role after stepping down as President of Georgia Gwinnett College in 2013.

When Dr. Kaufman joined the Chamber in 2013, his goal was to make the Chamber more open to the community.

"Gwinnett was growing and changing. The population of the student body at Georgia Gwinnett College reflected the growing changing nature of the community. So I convinced the Gwinnett Chamber could do for the entire community, what GGC was doing for higher education," Dr. Kaufman said. 

80 percent of the businesses in Gwinnett are small businesses. Kaufman said when he came in the Chamber wanted to focus more on small businesses. They accomplished that by creating a small business initiative.

"What I am most proud of during my tenure here is that we made the Gwinnett Chamber relevant to today's Gwinnett County,"  Dr. Kaufman said.

Kaufman also recognized that Gwinnett County is approaching an influx in population. It estimated that nearly 1.5 million people will live in the county by 2040.

Kaufman says the biggest thing the next CEO faces is the outcome of the MARTA referendum. He believes the county will be clogged if the referendum does not pass.

"I mean people are coming, the question is how are we going connect them," Dr. Kaufman said. 

He also adds, if it passes, he believes that if will not only benefit the county, but the greater metro Atlanta area. Dr. Kaufman thinks that it will attract more businesses. 

As for what's next for him? He's not sure right now, but he plans to spend more time with his four grandkids.

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