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Gwinnett County brothers combine for 36 years of perfect attendance

The Ademisoye brothers have never missed a day of class during their tenure in the Gwinnett County School system.

GWINNETT, Ga. — Emmanuel Ademisoye is a senior at Central Gwinnett High School. When he graduates in just a few short weeks, it will be with perfect attendance. Emmanuel has never missed a day or been late to class for all 12 years of his academic career. 

"In high school, it's like wow bring up senior skip day to my parents, that's a problem," Sam Ademisoye said.

The most unique aspect of this seemingly impossible goal is that Ademisoye is not alone, it's a feat that his two older brothers Sam and Mark have already accomplished.

Sam, the eldest, graduated in 2015 from The Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology. followed by Mark who also graduated from GSMST in 2017.

The Ademisoye brothers feel that winning an award for perfect attendance is not as big of a deal as people suspect. That's a mindset come straight from their parents.

Parents, Michael and Comfort Ademisoye say attendance and timeliness have always been priorities for the family of 5.

"I believe the time is money, and it shouldn't be wasted," said Michael Ademisoye. 

Michael Ademisoye doesn't just talk about being on time; he is always on time. Growing up, he never missed a day of school.

"I see no reason why they never miss a day of school unless something happens," said Michael Ademisoye.

The Ademisoye's note the key to family promptness is creating and sticking to a routine.

"We have an alarm set out for us; this is when you wake up this is when you brush your teeth," said Emmanuel Ademisoye. 

As for the future, the siblings share aspirations of becoming doctors. They credit the lesson of timeliness and attention to details to their parents and will apply those teaching throughout life. 

"They really did want to instill like in the real world, you're not always going to have a second chance. So getting into a routine, you're kind of able to set yourself up for the future," said Emmanuel Ademisoye.

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