BUFORD, Ga. — In the spirit of Earth Day, One Stop Buford hosted its succulents and snacks event. Residents had an opportunity to make their own terrariums using recycled plastic 2-liter bottles. 

"We are using the 2-liter soda bottles to show that they can reuse an item," said Gwinnett County Solid Waste Management Resource and Marketing Coordinator Melanie Miller.

Miller was also there to give participants tips on how to best recycle.

"This summer we were able to offer a bigger recycling cart to the Gwinnett residents, which is a 65-gallon cart to encourage more recycling," Miller said.

She says there are few things that residents need to keep in mind for best recycling practices when using the cart

-No plastic bags
-No styrofoam
-No glass containers
-Make sure items are empty and clean.
-Make sure items are loose, don't stack them into each other.

For more acceptable recycling practices in Gwinnett County, click here

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