LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — The Gwinnett County Police Department has arrested a man wanted in Florida for murder.

On March 12, a Gwinnett County Police Officer pulled over a vehicle on Lawrenceville Suwanee Road for no working brake lights. According to officials, the vehicle initially pulled over. Once the officer started walking towards the car, it drove off. Gwinnett Police say the vehicle and the driver were not found on that day.

Following this incident, the Community Response Team from the East Precinct began investigating the car. That investigation led them to an apartment off Arbor Drive in Duluth. When officers went to the apartment on March 20th and knocked on the front door, they met with a male named Travis Gray.

Gray was identified as the male that was driving the car on March 12. While speaking with Gray, officers also discovered that he was wanted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff in Florida for a murder that took place in their jurisdiction.

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