GWINNETT, Ga. — Gwinnett Animal Shelter behaviorist, Kathryn Corbett says one of the most common things that happens at the shelter is pets getting overlooked because of kennel anxiety.

"People will come in looking to adopt and see a dog act one way inside of the kennel and assume that it is a personality trait when in actuality it's their stress from being in a pen," says Corbett.

Corbett says that dogs are not made to live in pens, and unfortunately, that is one of the constraints of a shelter, "because of a lack of manpower and funds, the animals don't get outside as we would like."

Kennel Anxiety

Corbett along with other shelter staff are working to enhance their enrichment program to combat the kennel stress that many of the animals experience. She says the program includes puzzles and games that the dogs can work on in their kennels, as well as peanut butter learning activities and treat training.

While the enrichment program can help battle the kennel stress for the animal, what Corbett says is most important is for the potential owner to keep an open mind and understand the stress factor associated with being in the shelter.

"Treat every animal as an individual and don't judge them based on a few moments or their breed or what you've heard," says Corbett.

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