Berthine Crèvecoeur West works with companies on diversity and inclusion training. Even in her day to day life, Crèvecoeur West is constantly thinking about cultural competency. 

"My professional experiences, my travels, my conversations with friends, I thought we need a guide book," Crèvecoeur West said. 

Recently, Crèvecoeur West released her book "Global Fluency." The book has 50 tips to help any work environment with inclusion and best practices to manage a diverse work environment.

The Lawrenceville resident says there were multiple factors that inspired her book. 

"I find Lawrenceville to be very diverse, but is it inclusive? That's where the challenge is. That's why I created this based on some of my own experiences," Crèvecoeur West said.

Crèvecoeur West is Haitian-American and speaks several different languages. Her ability to translate led her to become a health care and legal interpreter for ten years before starting her own business. 

"The only reason I know the languages that I do is because my mom instilled that in me. My parents wanted me to understand that I am American, but I am also Haitian. That's why I refer to myself as Haitian-American," she said. 

But, the biggest inspiration behind her book is her son, who is on the autism spectrum. Crèvecoeur West says looking at some of the limitations people said he would have is an example of the iceberg model she addresses in her book. 

"There are gift s that they have, that you won't see sometimes just by looking at them. But once you get to know them and look beneath that water line, you'll see that there are these amazing things about them," Crèvecoeur West said. 

Crèvecoeur West's book is available online; you can order your copy by clicking here.

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