PEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga. — When Dr. Nneka Una was ready to have her daughter's ears pierced, she noticed her options were limited.

"My options were Claires and a tattoo parlor. I wanted to have a pediatrician who offered ear piercing as a service," Dr. Nneka Una said. 

As a pediatrician herself, Una was inspired to offer ear piercing services herself. Dr. Una hosts ear-piercing parties while on her day's off at Ivey League Pediatrics. 

"I believe it should be in a safe environment, sterile environment, with someone who is more aware of what they are doing and aware of the complications," Dr. Una said. 

Dr. Una's advice for parents is the following: 

1. Make sure you use the right kind of earrings.

"Earrings with nickel in them, for instance, it's very easy for people to have allergies," Dr. Una said.

2. Make sure your child is getting their ears pierced in a sterile environment.

"If the piercing is not done sterilely they can get an infection from that," Dr. Una said.

3. Make sure the position is correct.

"It's very easy for the holes to get longer as they get older and even split. So I've seen a lot of people who have had reconstructive surgery after,"  Dr. Una said.

Dr. Una says the best way to avoid any risk is to make sure you are going to the right place. 

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