LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — 12-year-old Zeus was already adopted once this year but was returned two weeks ago because of owner allergies. Gwinnett County Animal Shelter staff say the 10-pound tabby cat is not a fan of the loud noises in the shelter and is ready to find his forever home. 

Resource coordinator Staci Miller says the senior kitty would do best as the only cat in the house, "he could probably mentor a kitten or younger cat, but it would be ideal if he was the only adult cat." Zeus is a healthy senior cat that loves to relax and snuggle.

Two-year-old Daisy is a mixed breed that loves to smile and socialize with people. She has been at the shelter since February and was an owner surrender. The sweet two-year-old had a brother who has already been adopted. Daisy has a very even keel personality where she can be active or just relax.

Pet of the week

Miller says she does have anxiety living at the shelter, "she does have kennel anxiety, she does so much better being outside and in the open around others." Both Daisy and Zeus are available for free adoption right now.

Gwinnett County Animal Shelter is reminding those looking to adopt to use the rule of three. It takes at least three days for an animal to feel comfortable, three weeks for the animal to begin to open up, and three months for the animal to be completely settled in.

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