LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Since taking office as State Representative last month, Donna McLeod, isn’t wasting any time getting to work. She has drafted three pieces of legislation, House Bills 210, 211 and 212 to revise the current voting laws in her district (District 105) as well as for the state at large.  

“I am proud that my first pieces of legislation of the 2019 legislative session would ensure that all eligible voters have access to the ballot box,” said Rep. McLeod in a statement. “Protecting our citizens’ right to participate in the election process is a fundamental part of our country’s foundation."

Each House Bill addresses a specific area of voting in an effort to update antiquated procedures and potentially cut down on voter suppression.

House Bill 210  - Addresses operating hours for polling locations. If the opening time for a polling place is delayed then the amount of time that the polls should have been open, will be adjusted accordingly.

House Bill 211 – Deals with voter identification. To cut down or prevent potential voters from being turned away at the polls, this bill will broaden the acceptable forms of I.D. That list includes college or university student IDs.

House Bill 222 – Addresses voter filing candidacy. Currently the filing date deadline is the eleventh week prior to the election, this bill would change that to thirty-five weeks prior. The bill also would move the election dates for non-partisan elections.

Other bills in Rep. McLeod’s plans include; updating voter information through the Secretary of State’s office; eligibility for ex-felons to vote after time served; and voter liaison assistance for citizens residing in long-term care.

All three bills have been assigned to the Governmental Affairs Committee for consideration. For more information about HB 210, click here. For more information on HB 211, click here. For more information on HB 222, click here.

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