NORCROSS, Ga. — Wednesday was the re-opening of Gwinnett County's Norcross Senior Center.

After waiting for nearly a year, seniors at Lucky Shoals community center -- the young at heart -- can now return to a place they call their second home.

"I am excited to get back to business as usual because over at Lucky I didn't get to interact with the seniors as much," Mary Arthur, Program Specialist One Stop Norcross, said.

The renovations were made to better assist the growing senior population in Gwinnett County.

Now, they can enjoy a hair salon, garden, and renovated computer lab.

Arthur says the hair salon was added when they realized their old craft room was not conducive to a barber who would volunteer at the center. 

"It just really wasn't an idea space, and she got a lot of clients that were interested in it," Arthur said.

The computer lab was also a much-needed renovation due to the success of the senior centers class for Spanish speakers.

"We had quite a few students who took that six-week class and back and said they were able to find gainful employment," Arthur said. 

This newly renovated senior center opened just months after Gwinnett Health and Human Services got additional funding to reduce its waiting list.

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Grayson and Snellville will soon see satellite senior centers. 

During the ribbon cutting, Commissioner Ben Ku said the list had been reduced to less than 10 seniors on the waiting list. 

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