LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Aurora Theatre is trying to make learning about the American presidency a little easier for children using catchy songs and fast-paced, non-partisan facts.

Under the direction of David Kote, Rock the Presidents teaches children and families about as many presidents as they can within an hour. "We really try to talk-sing about everything from George Washington to today...sprinkling in some funny and unusual stories about U.S. presidents," says Kote.

Kote says the show was created to provide a safe space to discuss American presidents and our history with children, "it's especially important in a political climate like this to inform our youth about the role of a president...and it doesn't matter what political party you're affiliated with...the musical has no political biases and is a great way to get children learning."

Rock the President

The musical began showing last week and will be running through October 20th. Click here to find showtimes and more information about tickets.

The musical features music by Sara Roberts and words and lyrics by Dwayne Hartford. The music was directed by Ann-Carol Pence, and the choreographer is Meredith Moore.

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