GWINNETT, Ga. — Gwinnett Technical College Student, Shannon Lachot says she starting playing music for the shelter animals the first day that she volunteered.

"I had my guitar in the car, and I was a little nervous (about volunteering), so I played a song to ease their anxiety and mine...and it worked," says Lachot

Lachot says she plays her instrument in the cat room because it's a way to drown out the other noises in the shelter that can be unsettling for the felines. "The first time I ever played, one of the kittens came up and just played with my shoestring the entire can tell the music calms them down," says Lachot.

The college student even used her feline friends as inspiration to write an original song highlighting the importance of spay and neutering, as well as the shelter's motto of "adopt, don't shop."

Student sings to cats

Lachot says she does not have a title for the song just yet but plans to record a song demo soon. The budding songwriter says she hopes people feel love and appreciation for all animals when they listen to the song, "I just want people to realize that every animal needs a loving home."

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