JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. -- A man is looking for answers after his heard of goats was attacked in two separate incidents.

The first was on Dec. 3, when Michael Brown of Jackson County went outside to discover that one of his male goats was missing and a pregnant female goat was found with a hole in her head in the barn.

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Goat found dead in Jackson Co.

A few days later on Dec. 7, the man's daughter went outside and found two more goats dead in the pen behind their house on Harris Lord Cemetary Road.

According to the police report, the responding officer also observed that one of the goats "was torn open by something and the organs were hanging out." However, he did not see any other animal tracks.

Brown told police that he did not hear any gunshots the night before and didn't think any of his neighbors knew he had goats.

He has other goats in his pasture but they were unharmed. Brown told the officer that the dead goats are valued at about $500 each.

Now, Brown and law enforcement are looking to determine what happened to the goats and how they got holes in their heads.

"It's just hard not knowing what happened," Brown said. "You don't know how to protect the animals you have left."