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A Georgia husband and father vanished while walking back to his hotel in Baton Rouge. Here's what we know.

Nathan's wife, Amber Millard, spoke to 11Alive about her husband and the missing person's case.

COVINGTON, Ga. — A father and husband from Covington vanished while walking back to his hotel room during a work trip in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Now his wife is searching for answers.

Nathan's wife, Amber Millard, spoke to 11Alive's Christie Diez about her husband and the case on Monday. 

He was in Baton Rouge for a brief work trip, she said, that was only supposed to have about a 24-hour turnaround. Instead, according to Amber, he went missing last Wednesday night after going to a basketball game and then going to a pub with a client. 

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"My mind has been going nonstop, but I can't let my mind torture me, and I'm just turning it over to God and prayer, prayer, prayer, staying positive," Amber told 11Alive. "He's a loved man, a great man and we need him, we want him home."

Nathan has two teenage boys from a previous marriage, two teenage stepsons and the couple have a 7-year-old daughter together. 

Here's what we know about Nathan's disappearance:

Nathan Millard missing in Baton Rouge

  • He vanished last Wednesday night, Feb. 22, and has been missing several days now: According to his wife Amber, Nathan left out of Atlanta and flew into Baton Rouge Wednesday afternoon.  
  • He was on a business trip: Nathan works for Advanced Construction in Conyers and was visiting Baton Rouge to meet with a client and see a job site.
  • He and the client went out Wednesday night: Amber said they went to a basketball game (she did not specify the game, though the LSU Tigers had a home game last Wednesday night) and he FaceTimed her from the game briefly to show her his seats. "It was not anything I ever thought would be my last call," she said.
  • The client last saw him leaving to go back to his hotel: The two were at Happy's Irish Pub on 3rd Street in Downtown Baton Rouge, according to his wife. He had about a block walk back to the hotel, she said. Amber's understanding is the client stayed behind in the pub to close out a tab, and Nathan left on his own. That was the last he was seen by anyone who knows him.
  • He didn't show up to a meeting with the client the next morning: They were due to meet back on the job site at 8 a.m. The client went to police by 9 a.m. Amber said the client requested a welfare check on Nathan's room when he didn't show for their meeting, and hotel staff reported that it appeared no one had slept there.
  • Nathan's phone was found a ways from the hotel: Amber said a city worker found it at a work site (it's unclear if it's the same job site Nathan was in town for) at Convention Street and North Seventh Street, about four blocks from his hotel.
  • His debit card shows activity since the time of his disappearance: Amber said the first transaction was a cash withdrawal and that the card was in use as late as Saturday before she could get it frozen.
  • There's some surveillance video - with Amber waiting to see more: She said the hotel had video of her husband, which showed that he was wearing a green ball cap, black shirt and blue jeans as described by local police. But she said she hasn't yet gotten any information about the many city or private cameras around Downtown Baton Rouge that could also hold clues. 
  • Description: Millard stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 180 pounds, according to police, and was last wearing a green hat, black shirt and blue jeans.
  • Who to contact: Anyone with information on Millard's whereabouts is being asked to contact police in Louisiana at (225) 389-3853 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.


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