ATLANTA — There's a new fireworks law in place, just in time for the Fourth of July.

The new law, which went in effect July 1 of this year, gives local governments more power to regulate fireworks in Georgia.

According to the law, counties and municipalities will now be able to put limits on fireworks, from noise complaints to drought concerns.

It comes just three years after another Georgia law allowing people to buy certain types of fireworks went into effect. That law, however, did not give local governments full authority to further regulate fireworks.

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Republican state Rep. Deborah Silcox represents Sandy Springs. She wrote the new bill, keeping in mind cities and suburbs might have different needs that rural parts of the state.

"One size does not fit all," Silcox explained. "I think some of these cities may be stricter than others in terms of what they want and what their citizens want, based on public meetings and the public's input and what that local body puts in place for their community."

The new law still allows Georgians to fire off fireworks state-wide on seven days each year, including New Year's Eve and Day, the weekend before Memorial Day, July 3 and 4 and Labor Day.


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