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New laws that went into effect for Georgia in 2019

Here is a roundup of those laws and what they mean.

The new year is here, but that also means new laws signed into law in 2018 go into effect. 

Here is a roundup of those laws and what they mean.

HB 79
Amends existing codes to prohibit law enforcement from retaining license plate data obtained from automated license plate recognition systems beyond a certain period. 

HB 205
Amends the existing code related to mining and drilling to regulate the exploration and extraction of gas and oil in the state. 

HB 657
Amends existing state codes to make it illegal to provide firearms to anyone known to be on probation as a felony first offender. 

HB 751
It would establish the Georgia Emergency Communications Authority.

HB 1031
Provides for a new charter for the City of Villa Rica from Carroll and Douglas Counties.

SB 118 (Ava's Law)
Amends existing code related to the coverage of autism. It would expand coverage from age 6 to age 12.

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SB 485
Amends an act providing a homestead exemption from City of Atlanta Independent School District ad valorem taxes for educational purposes.

SR 146 (Marcy's Law)
The constitutional amendment passed Nov. 6. The resolution gives crime victims in Georgia more rights -- things like updated information on their case and the right to be included in every court proceeding. 

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SR 685
This measure would rename a tidewater bed on the Georgia coast, known as "Runaway Negro Creek," to "Freedom Creek."

HR 279
This measure would designate each March 21 as Single Parents Day

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