DEKALB COUNTY, Ga – DeKalb County has passed a no-kill resolution for their animal shelters.

"I’m very excited because it means the county is backing our efforts to make Atlanta a no-kill city," Karen Hirsch with LifeLine Animal Project said.

The no-kill resolution passed by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners means the county is committed, but needs the public’s support to reach 100 percent.

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Non-profits like LifeLine are doing their part to achieve that goal. This Thanksgiving, 20 families signed up for “pawlidays”. Families take a dog home and give them a happy Thanksgiving.

LifeLine also allows people to check a dog out for a day. Hirsch says you can take a dog hiking or on other adventures or just take them home to watch Netflix for the night.

The county takes in about 35 dogs a day and only about 10 are adopted a day.

The DeKalb County Animal Shelter hopes programs like these can soon make the county a 100 percent no-kill shelters.

DeKalb County became the second county in the state of Georgia and the first county in metro Atlanta to pass a No-Kill resolution, according to Best Friends Animal Society.