ATLANTA — Joi Beverly and her husband took a leap when they uprooted their family from Ohio to Georgia to accommodate her job as a traveling nurse.

A scammer who led them believe they were getting into a nice apartment ensured they had a hard landing in Atlanta.

“You come 700 miles away, then all of a sudden you don't have anywhere to live,” Beverly said.

She put out an ad on a Facebook group for traveling nurses. She said a woman answered the ad with what she thought would be the perfect place for her family.

“I canceled my Airbnb to move into there, gave her money,” she said.

Beverly provided 11Alive with a copy of her lease agreement. She said she was given two keys to a unit near Atlantic Station.

“Come to find out it wasn't a condo like she said it was, it was actually an apartment,” Beverly said. “And she wasn't supposed to be subleasing it.”

Beverly said the apartment building initially agreed to let her family stay there for a few weeks until they found another place, but that quickly changed.

“I came home yesterday after working a 13-hour shift and the police, the security, the security manager - everybody was over at the apartment putting us out,” Beverly said.

She said the locks were changed while her children were still inside the unit.

“We had 30 minutes to get out of the apartment. They escorted us off the property, all of our stuff was in the back of our car and we had to go get a hotel last night,” she said. "It’s very frustrating, because we have our three kids down here and we get put out and then we have nowhere else to go.”

Beverly said she found out others have been scammed by the woman, and that she was told by the apartment building she hadn’t paid the building rent in two months.

She said the woman was asking her for $4,400.

Irma Brown, who now lives in another state, said the same woman scammed her when she had a temporary nursing assignment with Emory.

"Shortly after being there, I came home from work one day and there was a notice in the door,” Brown said.

Brown said the same woman owes her a deposit of $1,850.

"Here we are 30-plus days past and she has pretty much gone ghost on me,” Brown said.

11Alive is not identifying the woman, because she hasn’t been charged with a crime. But court documents show a woman with the same name and other matching details has had multiple liens and small claims judgments against her.

The apartment complex and Atlanta Police have not yet responded to requests for comment.


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